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Easton 2008 Stealth Composite CNT Fastpitch Bat! Easton Stealth Composite CNT

Almost forty years ago, Easton rocked the baseball industry with the introduction of the first true aluminum bat. Since then they have been the driving force behind nearly every major innovation in the field: first CU31 bat, first C405 bat, first titanium bat, first Carbon Core bat, first Scandium bat… all Easton. These guys are proud of this tradition and plan to carry it forward with their Stealth Composite CNT line of fastpitch softball bats. The big idea: CNT (Carbon Nanotube Technology), a product sixteen times stronger than steel, is added to the resin thereby making the carbon fiber bond that much more powerful. The result according to Easton is an improved handle design with optimized flex, responsiveness, and more "kick" through the hitting zone for maximum performance within the legal limits of the game.

That's all good information, but nothing can prepare you for the way that it hits. We tested a 33"/24oz -9 model and were amazed by the results. Even off center hits felt good and reacted powerfully. The balance was particularly impressive; the bat practically swung itself and connected with a smooth and solid ping. The Stealth Composite CNT really shines in terms of control and power. If you're already happy with the way that you hit the ball, then the Stealth Composite CNT will make you a surgeon. If, however, you feel that your offense needs some work, then it's one of the most forgiving bats on the market. And it doesn't hurt that it's quite easy on the eyes.

Even if you weren't counting the resin additive, the Stealth Composite CNT still utilizes more technology than the Starship Enterprise. Sporting Opti-Flex CNT composite handle technology for maximum handle flex, patent-pending Extended Flex for a super large sweet spot, an ultra-thin 29/32" handle with pro-track cushioned grip and patented ConneXion technology for more power through the hitting zone, you might want to think about parking further away on game day.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a -9 bat that will take your game to the next level, then Easton's Stealth Composite CNT fastpitch bat is the one for you. Available in 30"/21 oz, 31"/22 oz, 32"/23 oz, 33"/24 oz, and 34"/25 oz, and meeting all 2007 Bat Performance Standards - ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF, for about three hundred dollars you can pick one up wherever softball equipment is sold or from one of the dealers listed at!



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