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Feel Golf's Pro Tour 787 PR Driver!
Feel Pro Tour 787 PR Driver

Do you have to be a rocket scientist to come up with a more forgiving driver that will consistently outdistance the industry leaders? No, but it helps; at least in the case of Lee "Dr Feel" Miller PhD it does. Using his big honkin' brain, test methods learned from his labs days at NASA, and experience on the PGA tour, he has developed a line of drivers boasting more distance and control than any club on the market. The big idea: engineered to max out the head's MOI (Moment Of Inertia), Feel Golf's Pro Tour 787 PR driver is designed to not only generate amazing power, but also provide amazing feedback and "feel" so that players can increase accuracy. This results in both longer and straighter drives.

But does it deliver? Like FedEx. I tested their 460cc driver with a nine-degree loft and a standard forty-five and a half inch Maximum Kinetic Release 980 graphite stiff-flex shaft and Feel's original X-Line Full Release Grip. The results were shocking; the Pro Tour 787 PR driver added at least ten yards to my drives. Even when I missed the sweet spot, I had no trouble staying in the fairway. This club turned many a head on the driving range too. After three hits, total strangers were actually walking up to me and asking to give it a try. This club definitely has a home in my bag.

Don't take my word for it. Nick "Sputnik" Miller used a Feel driver to set the amateur long drive world record of 449 yards… and he says that the Pro Tour 787 PR driver is the longest driver he's ever hit.

Need More? USGA limits drivers' Characteristic Time (measure of spring like effect of driver face) to a maximum of 257 microseconds. When submitted for USGA Conformation, the USGA measured the Pro Tour 787 PR Driver at 255 microseconds. I think that Feel's claim that it's one of the hottest legal drivers on the market is safe.

Feel's Line of Full Release Grips!
Feel's Line of Full Release Grips

Also worth mentioning are the Maximum Kinetic Release Shaft and Full Release Grip. The MKR Shaft is an amazing 3-piece shaft design that has a double tip - a stiff tip in the hosel and a soft tip directly above it that builds potential energy to release once the clubhead is in motion, thereby increasing hangtime by an average of fifteen percent. The Full Release Grip uses Taper Tip Technology that allows the left hand portion of the grip to be carried loosely in the fingers due to the much smaller grip diameter in the left hand. The grip can loosely be held by the fingers of the right hand due to the grip's larger diameter at the bottom of the grip as compared with traditional grips. The grip fits comfortably and naturally in one's hands, thereby reducing the hand and writ tension and increasing club control. Equipped with the high MOI design, the Maximum Kinetic Release Shaft and the Full Release Grip, the Pro Tour 787 PR driver utilizes more technology than the Death Star.

The Pro Tour 787 PR driver doesn't come up short in the looks department either. Available in Pearl Black, it looks pretty much like any other driver from above with the exception of dual sweet spot markers set a ball's width apart. This not only makes the club easy to address, but actually help you effortlessly set up for a fade or a draw depending on your need. Stamped on the sole are the loft, head size and a handsome "Feel" golf logo. Red highlights on either side of the head really set the finish off. All in all, it's quite easy on the eyes.

Without a doubt, this is the driver to get if you are serious about improving your long game. I got consistently longer and straighter shots with the Pro Tour 787 PR driver than any driver that I've ever hit. For about three hundred and fifty dollars or so, you can pick one up most anywhere clubs are sold or online at!



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