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Making a Big Racquet…
David A. Dodson

Head MicroGel Extreme Tennis Racquet!
Head MicroGel Extreme Tennis Racquet

Like any complex organism, sports evolve. Training improves, strategies shift as players get better and equipment is constantly changing to keep up. Tennis is no exception. Today's tennis players are stronger, faster and more aggressive than at any other time in the game's history and everything from racquets to footwear has to be updated to accommodate the changes. No company understands this process better than Head Tennis. The Challenge: designing a racquet to compliment the power, speed and spin of modern swingers. The Answer: Head's new MicroGel Extreme, the only racquet on the market using a combination carbon fiber shell with a gel core for amazing feel and spin control. How does it work? According to Head, on ball impact, MicroGel uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame to provide the most rock-solid feel and superior touch ever achieved in the game.

Sounds good, but can it spin? Like a DJ. We tested a MicroGel Extreme with a 4 ½ HydroSorb grip and were floored by its performance. My serves had all the slice I wanted and returns had plenty of pop. I also cannot stress how comfortable this racquet is. The weight and balance is spot on and very little shock is felt at impact. I played for hours with the MicroGel Extreme the first time I used it and felt great the next morning.

Bottom line is that if you're looking for a racquet that will help bring your game up to the next level, then the MicroGel Extreme from Head Tennis is well worth looking into. It also makes the perfect gift for that tennis enthusiast in your life. Available in 100 sq. in., for about one hundred sixty dollars you can get one practically anywhere racquets are sold or online at one of the dealers located at


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