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HP Compaq's iPAQ 3955 Pocket PC
J. Kevin Tumlinson

The HP Compaq iPAQ 3955
The iPAQ

When HP and Compaq merged there was a buzz across the computing community. Would this new, unified technology giant maintain the high quality of its products? Who would suffer?

For Pocket PC users, the answers are "yes" and "no one."

HP Compaq's iPAQ 3955 Pocket PC is everything a techno-addict has ever dreamt of. It's a true PC, able to do all of the things you really need a computer for. It comes pre-loaded with the ability to open Word and Excel documents. It has Outlook 2000 and so it can easily integrate with your existing e-mail. Heck, it even has Internet Explorer, allowing you to surf the web with a wireless connection (not included on this model, but there are PLENTY of available accessories).

Perhaps the coolest thing about the 3955 is the fact that it comes with a 400Mhz processor and 64MB of memory that allow you to run Windows Media Player. Combined with the vivid TFT screen and the built in stereo headphone jack, this is the perfect gadget for downloading and listening to music, playing short video clips or watching a slideshow of digital photos.

The memory is upgradeable via a Secure Digital (SD) card slot built into the machine. You can also use CompactFlash cards with an optional adapter. This makes it easy to store your various files and use them as needed. Keep your office documents on one small SD card and your music on another.

Other cool features of note -

The iPAQ comes ready to operate all of your remote controlled gadgets and gizmos. Nevo is a preloaded software package that comes with hundreds of devices already programmed in. And if your TV or DVD player doesn't happen to be on the list, you can train it. A true, sleek universal remote that you can program quickly and easily (try it at the mall… the salesmen HATE that!).

There is a built in voice recorder for taking notes on the go.

If you act now, you can get a nifty new carrying case from the web site!

Here are the hard stats:

  • 400MHz Intel® XScale processor, 32MB flash ROM
  • 64MB SDRAM for applications, files, music and more
  • iPAQ Backup - backs up your applications and data to Secure Digital (SD) or CompactFlash (CF) card
  • SD expansion slot for internal expansion
  • brilliant trans-reflective TFT color liquid crystal display with over 65,000 colors
  • optional Expansion Packs with removable batteries - for standard PC and CF cards
  • iPAQ File Store protects critical data in non-volatile storage
  • consumer IR, control home and office electronics systems with all the functions of a high-end learning
  • universal remote control
  • Outlook 2000 (e-mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks)
  • audio record and playback - play MP3 music or audio programs from the Web, as well as record and play
  • back voice notes or meeting notes
  • user-adjustable standby settings to customize usage time or battery and standby period

Whether you're a small business owner struggling to maintain a technological edge or corporate CEO with investors to rob, the HP Compaq iPAQ 3955 Pocket PC is your ticket. It's available online for $499.99 - a steal for a piece of equipment that you'll find this valuable.

Order it online at or click to buy it below.



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