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Laser Genetics ND5 Long Distance Laser Locator
David A. Dodson

Laser Genetics ND5 Long Distance Laser Locator!
Laser Genetics ND5

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to locate something far away at night and your flashlight won't illuminate more than a few yards in front of you. Wouldn't it be great to be able spot hogs after dark up to 400 yards away without lighting up the entire pasture or alerting everything in the woods? Luckily for you Laser Genetics has developed their ND5 Long Distance Laser Locator, a handheld laser flashlight that can pinpoint-spotlight prey from several hundred yards without blowing your cover. "Flashlight" is really a misleading term, as the ND5 is actually a green laser pump with an adjustable beam diameter allowing the user to either contract the beam into an intense ray that can be seen up to five miles away, or expand it into a disk of light that can paint an object up to 400 yards away with virtually no loss of lighting due to flooding.

Sounds impressive, but how well does it shine? Like nothing I've ever seen. Laser Genetics hooked me up with one of their ND5s and I have to say that it's by far the coolest light I've ever used. Using two CR 123A lithium batteries, it looks like a flashlight, but that comparison ends as soon as you click the switch on the butt of the unit. Unlike a flashlight that projects a broad "cone" of light that illuminates everything in front of it for a limited distance, the ND5 lights up only what it captures in its beam and nothing else. It shines a perfect green circle on the wall ten feet away or four hundred yards away with little to no reduction in brightness. I could easily make out bricks, tiles and shingles on houses from over two hundred and fifty yards. By tightening up the beam with the sliding thumb switch, the ND5 was illuminating objects further than I could see with the naked eye; it works incredibly well when used with binoculars or a scope.

Also, reflective objects such as animal eyes simply explode with light when struck by the ND5's beam; even at the lowest intensity, widest dispersal setting, the eyes shone like tiny green spotlights at incredible distances. The green laser also didn't seem to spook the animals, even when spotted directly.

Machined from a special aluminum alloy with an anodized finish and fully O ring sealed to protect it from dust and water, the ND5 is built to last. Laser Genetics also stands behind their product with a one year warranty.

Bottom line is if you are looking for the perfect light for long distance, precision illumination for hunting, hiking, fishing, search and rescue or what have you, then Laser Genetics' ND5 Long Distance Laser Locator is the way to go. For about $350 you get the ND5, two CR 123A lithium batteries, a cleaning kit and a padded case. Click over to and let your light shine.!

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