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Nexus Ranger
David A. Dodson

Louisville Slugger's Nexus Green ASA Certified Bat! Nexus Green ASA Certified Bat

All too often I'll see companies make it big with a product and then try to ride their one success until their fifteen minutes are up and they are forced to fade away into irrelevant obscurity. That's why I've always admired companies that make it to the top and still manage to stay innovative and fresh with new ideas and technologies. Louisville Slugger is the poster child for such a company. Let's face it, the Louisville Slugger name is the most recognized brand in baseball, and probably one of the most recognizable in the world. You would think that a company that reaches literally icon status over the course of a century could rest on its laurels a little bit. But every year I'm more and more excited to see what new concepts they've come up with, and this year is no different. After dominating the baseball and fastpitch softball markets, they seem to have their sights set on sewing up slowpitch softball as well with the introduction of their Nexus line of slowpitch bats.

The big idea: take several layers of aerospace grade graphite and fuse them together with super light, ultra strong epoxy. In this groundbreaking X-1 technology, each layer is precisely positioned at specific angles so that maximum reinforcement and energy return distribution is achieved, giving the Nexus response and liveliness unmatched by any bat on the market. This design is intended to return energy to the surface of the bat for more power and reduce dings on the outer shell.

Louisville Slugger's Nexus Red Non-ASA Certified Bat! Nexus Red Non-ASA Certified Bat

In addition to the space age body, the bat features a gigantic sweet spot, truer balance, and a power contour design with a striking green or red finish depending on the model. It also comes with an ultra-thin 7/8-inch handle with a cushioned leathery grip for better feel and durability.

But enough reading from the side of the box, how does this sucker hit? Mighty darn fine. We were able to test both the green ASA certified and the red non-ASA rated Nexus models in 28oz weights and were simply floored by the action in these bats. The grip feels wonderful, the balance is perfect, and contact is smooth and solid with a satisfyingly muted pop. You can really feel the transfer of power stay where it should: in the bat, not throbbing in your elbows and wrists. We were getting significantly better, more controlled hits with little or no adjustment period.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Nexus line is completely internally designed and manufactured by Louisville Slugger. According to the company, everything from the bat design to the equipment used to manufacture the bat was developed by the Louisville Slugger Composites Research & Development Lab. The idea is that by controlling every aspect of design and manufacturing, they'll ensure that every bat is consistently produced to Louisville Slugger's high quality standards.

Bottom line is that the Nexus slowpitch bat from Louisville Slugger is a smart buy for any batter at any level of play. Rookies will love the forgiveness, ringers will love the power and control. Both red and green models are available in 34/26, 34/27, 34/28 and 34/30. Certified for use in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISF, and ISA (Green) and USSSA, NSA, ISF, and ISA (Red), the Nexus runs about three hundred dollars and can be bought wherever sporting equipment is sold or from one of the dealers listed at!



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