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Magix soundpool 6

Get ready, we've got it all for you in this one.

Magix has a line of software that would make any audiophile weep for joy. No matter if you are a music aficionado with a million dollar vinyl collection or web surfing, mp3 downloading, digital music junkie, Magix has packages that will perk your ears.

Magix soundpool
Whether you need music clips for video you're editing or just like to have a good sound going in the background while you work, Magix soundpool collections give you a large variety to choose from. These packages contain literally thousands of sound files, everything from Baroque to Salsa.

The interface is easy and quick, letting you browse through each collection with no trouble. The only real problems you're going to face is with the sheer volume of available tunes to choose from. There are 6 collections available on their web site at

The price? Music to our ears.

Price: $24.99 (per collection).

Magix MP3 Maker Platinum
Designed to give you more flexibility and options than the MP3 software that came with your PC (and doing a darn fine job of it), MP3 Maker Platinum is a digital dream. Not only will it manage and play the MP3s you already have, you also have the ability to import a number of formats that are unavailable elsewhere. Import mp3PRO, ASF, REAL, and AVI formats - feats that were reserved for studios and professionals only a short time ago.

Unlike software packages you may be used to, MP3 Maker Platinum also gives you the ability to record music from Internet Radio, as well as LP, cassette, and television. Listen to Internet radio right from the player, tuning in to your favorite or just browsing the 150 preset stations. And while you listen, enjoy the show as 3D-animation and effects dazzle the eye.

Once you have your stuff recorded, use the audio enhancing tools to clean it up and give it some polish. Then finish the whole thing off by burning it onto CD and sticking a custom made label on it - all part of the MP3 Maker Platinum package.

Price: $34.99

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0
All that fancy MP3 to CD stuff is cool, but what about the true music buff and his shelves filled with vinyl? LPs are still on the "preferred" list for many collectors, but the downside is that every time you play it, you're moving it that much closer to oblivion. The same goes for audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tape, even VHS audio recordings. So what's a discriminating music lover to do?

Clean up your act with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0. This incredible software tool lets you restore the quality of your records and cassettes and transfer them to a digital medium. Put your collection in a safe place and still be able to enjoy it on CD or MP3.

If you have a favorite CD that's in not-so-good shape this will work for you, too. Clean up the music, burn it onto a new CD and you're ready to go.

If you're a Karaoke fan, here's a feature for ya - Audio Cleaning Lab will let you filter out the vocals from a recording, allowing you to create your own Karaoke music. You can sing along to the original instrumentation of your favorite songs!

Price: $49.99

All of these products are available on the Magix web site at If you are a music lover, don't waste any more time. These are the packages you bought your computer for.



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