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David A. Dodson

Magix Movies to CD & DVD!
Magix Movies to CD & DVD

Be honest, a home video camera always brings out the director in you, doesn't it? Unfortunately, the ability to pause recording and zoom in and out won't make you the next George Lucas. For that you need tools, and Magix Movies to CD & DVD has everything it takes to put you in the director's chair. With Movies to CD & DVD you'll be able to take footage from multiple sources, (VHS, DVD, TV, Hi8, internet, Digital and VHS Video Camera, most digital formats, etc) edit it and burn your masterpiece to S-Video, VCD or DVD to be viewed on most any DVD player or PC.

But how well does it perform? Like a Stradivarius, only easier to play. The digital interface is quite intuitive and forgiving. Very little break-in time is needed before you are manipulating clips, adding music or voice-overs, and playing with on screen text and transition effects. Everything's pretty much drag and drop. This program has plenty of nice touches also, such as the ability to add chapter breaks and interactive DVD menus, credits, subtitles, and commentaries. Literally everything you'd need to make amazingly professional movies at home is included in this package.

And the applications for this software are limitless. Home movies are great, but you can do so much more. Download movies from the internet (with permission, of course) and play them on your DVD Player. Why spend money on a DVD collection of your favorite show when you can record it straight from the TV, edit out commercials and burn a copy? Get those cumbersome video files off of your hard drive and onto CD. Let your imagination run wild.

The bottom line is that Movies to CD & DVD is the perfect palette for the aspiring video artist, an absolute must for anyone wanting to break into digital video. For about fifty dollars you can pick up a copy just about anywhere software is sold, or online at!


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