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David A. Dodson

Rollerblade's Marathon Skates! Rollerblade's Marathon Skates

In the past, long distance racing has pretty much been limited to marathon running, cross country skiing and bicycle tours. But lately another option has gained popularity, long distance inline skating. I myself have noticed an increase in skaters in such events as the MS150 annual bike tour between Houston and Austin, Texas. It makes sense; skating is fantastic exercise with a little more zip than simply jogging around the block. The only downside is that most inline skates simply weren't designed for epic journeys. Grinding asphalt for more than a few hours in your typical skates is anything but comfortable. Luckily those sultans of spin at Rollerblade can put the glide in your long distance stride with the introduction of their new Marathon series of inline skates.

The secret behind the Marathon's long-windedness is the newly designed carbon shell. The ultra light, racing carbon fiber shell with combination ratcheting cuff and laces provides unwavering support without unnecessary drag. Along with a new shell comes a revolutionary cuff that allows for more forward flex, translating into longer, more powerful strides. And the Precision Fit Liner sees to it that the fit and comfort after several hours are unparalleled.

Also worth mentioning is the hardware that goes into the Marathons. The Four Wheel Fly 4x100, 326mm, 6000 series aluminum frame technology is the ultimate on the market for low mass-maximum energy transfer. The Marathons also come standard with four Spiral HP 100mm 84A Wheels with SG9 Bearings. This year, Rollerblade is dropping the outdated ABEC bearing rating system. If the lack of an ABEC rating bothers you, know that the SG9s are roughly equivalent to an ABEC 9.

The bottom line is that these are the skates to get if you're interested in speed, comfort and longevity in a long distance skate. The Marathons for men come in sizes 6 through 12 ½ (full and half sizes) and women's sizes 6 through 10 ½. For about three hundred and change you can pick up a pair at your local sporting goods store, skate shop or one of the dealers listed at!



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